How big is the barn and the open-air deck? How many guests can I invite?

Our 100-year old wooden barn measures 1,728 square feet (48’ x 36’) on the main floor plus an additional 180 square feet in the loft which is a total of 1908 feet of space.


Our open air deck, same level as the barn, is 2,500 square feet.  It has a grand staircase facing the south fields, a north staircase leading to the corral and a handicap ramp.


You may have a total of 200 guests, including the wedding party, inside the barn and on the deck.


FYI, all tables and chairs are included in the package as well as 6 cocktail tables!


Lastly the height of the barn, from floor to ceiling is, 33 feet!

Can I bring my own caterer?

You may bring your own caterer and arrange for your own food and beverage options.  We would be happy to supply you with a list of vendors.  

Please click here to see our list of suggested vendors.

Can I bring my own alcohol and serve it?

Yes, you may bring your own alcohol but it must be served by a TipS certified bartender (Training for Intervention ProcedureS). All alcohol consumed on the premises must be served by this TipS certified bartender. You assume responsibilities for all liabilities. You have to obtain a Commercial General Liability Insurance, including Host Liquor Liability, in an amount not less than $1 million Combined Single Limit for Body Injury and Property Damage.  Such insurance shall name The Little Red Barn of Nunica and “Thomas and Theresa  Schmidt” as “Additional Insured” to protect you, us and the venue. Proof of insurance is due with final payment (due 30 days before your event).

Please click here to see our list of suggested vendors.

Can I decorate the barn?

Our  barn has tiny white lights on timber rafters and beams as well as white paper lanterns. You can add additional lights, floral arrangement and décor as you wish. Please respect and help us preserve The Little Red Barn of Nunica grounds and structures. Please consult with us prior to nailing or stapling in the barn. If allowed to nail or staple in the barn, you must not only remove the decorations but the nails, tacks, staples, etc. you used to hang the decorations once the event is over.

Can I use candles in the barn? What about the use of sparklers and bubbles?

We are sorry; we do not allow candles nor open flames inside and outside the barn. You may use bubbles and bird-seed outside the barn for wedding and reception farewell.

Sparklers, rice, confetti, glitter, pyrotechnics, fireworks, and fog machines are not permitted inside and outside the barn.

When can we tear down and do a general clean up?

Invite a team of family members and friends to help you tear down and clean up. General clean-up inside the barn and surroundings can be done on the day after your event, up to 12pm (noon).  Please bring basic cleaning supplies.

Inside the barn, we have 3 trash bins so please supply 40-gallon plastic trash bags for the 3 trash-bins and remove all your trash from our premises.  Please clear all tables and return chairs back to same position around the tables, and return the barn to the way it was when you first set up.

Please do not throw your ice cubes on our grass as it “browns” the grass; instead, you may throw your ice cubes in our gravel driveway.

Will I be charged a “Damage Deposit” and how much is that going to cost?

We charge $200 towards a “Damage Deposit”.  Provided that you do a thorough clean-up after your event and after we inspect it, your Damage Deposit will be returned back to you. If you do not do a thorough clean up, we will deduct the cost of excessive cleanup at $25/hour from the Damage Deposit and give you the balance.

Who arranges for the PA (Public address system) and the music?

You should arrange for music and PA system for your ceremony and reception. If you wish, we can refer you to a list of reputable DJs. Please click here to see our list of suggested vendors.

Both live and recorded music are permitted, however the volume must be maintained at a level deemed acceptable by The Little Red Barn of Nunica.

As per the rules of our township, all music ceases at 11pm.

Curfew is at 12midnight, no exceptions.

Where are the bathrooms?

We have 2 ADA-compliant bathrooms inside the barn, good for 100 guests. If you have over 100 guests, please order a port-a-potty from one of our suggested vendors like Jons-to-Go. Thank you!

Is smoking permitted on the property ?

Smoking is only allowed outside the barn in the designated smoking area, marked with a sign “Smoking Area”.  It is in the picnic area underneath the maple tree.  We have provided 2 commercial-grade cigarette-butt receptacles for your usage.

Anything else I should know?

You may arrange for own wedding coordinator, photographers, videographers.  We would be happy to share a list of vendors if you are interested!

If you have any more questions, please call us at (616) 7952657 or email us

Thank you!

Are we allowed to bring animals to the farm – dogs, horses or other pets?

So sorry but animals are not allowed at the farm.

Can we do send-offs using Chinese Lanterns, Fire Kites and Sparklers?

Due to these being a fire hazard, we do not allow Chinese Lanterns, Fire Kites nor Sparklers.

Do you have drinking water we can serve our guests?

We have one faucet located outside, on the west side of the barn. It is ” well water” so fill up your pitchers as you are welcome to serve it to your guests. However, most clients bring bottled water for the convenience of their guests.


You may also use this water for your flower vases.

Are engagement photos part of the package?

Yes! Once you book with us, schedule your engagement photo-shoot at the farm. We have a number of scenic places around the property for beautiful one-of-a-kind photographs!

What do we do with left over-ice from the reception?

Please dump it on the gravel driveway. Do not dump it on our grass as it turns the grass brown. Thank you for helping us care for our beautiful property!

If it’s cold, do you have heaters for rent?

Yes, we have 6 patio heaters, available as needed, for rent at $75 per heater. Each heater lasts for 8-10 hours!

Do you have a dumpster for trash?

Yes, we have a 4-yard dumpster located across the barn—by the pole barn!

Do you have a parking lot?

Yes, we have a huge lighted parking lot, good for 75 vehicles. We also have a grass runway where we can park hundreds of cars!

Do I have to provide parking attendants for the parking lot?

No, the owners – Tom and Cherry – help out as your parking lot attendants on the day of your wedding and reception!

Do you have handicap parking?

Yes, we have 2 dedicated parking slots for handicap parking very near the barn.

Do you have a handicap ramp?

Yes, we have a handicap ramp that leads from the driveway to the deck and barn.

Do you have a golf-cart in case my guests need further mobility assistance?

Yes, we have a 4-seater golf cart and we, the owners, personally drive your guest up the ramp into the barn. When they need a ride back to their vehicles, we bring them down the ramp using the golf cart and make sure they get into their vehicles safely.

Are your bathrooms handicap-friendly?

Yes, our bathrooms are ADA compliant and are handicap friendly.

Do you have wedding decor and accessories we can borrow?

Our “Choose and Use It” perk allows you to use our collection of decor and accessories for your wedding and reception at no charge!


We have lots of decorations you are welcome to borrow – clear mason jars, vintage blue mason jars, burlap runners, burlap tablecloths for the cocktail tables, round wooden tree-slabs for centerpieces, square barn-wood centerpieces, assorted vases, shepherd hooks, wedding arches, chalkboards, wooden signs, vintage typewriters and cameras, vintage tables and dressers, battery-run LED candles, white umbrellas, wooden crates, aluminum buckets, etc.


On clean-up day, kindly return these items back in the loft or shed.

Do you have cocktail tables?

Yes, we have 6 cocktail tables, also called “high top” tables, free of charge. We have 6 burlap tablecloths you are welcome to use for these cocktail tables.

Do you have a generator in case of a black-out?

Yes, we have two generators in case of a power-failure so the wedding and reception always flows smoothly!

If my guests can’t drive home after the reception, can they leave their vehicles at farm?

Yes, we would rather that your guests leave their vehicles at the farm and ride home with friends. They can pick their vehicles up the next day.

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